Snake & Ladder Game !

スネーク&ラダーゲーム !

Hello Everyone, This is a new game that I will be playing with everyone. The objective of the game is to reach the end Goal. You will roll dice and move up the board. There is a few trap and fun weapon that you can use. This game will be a much faster game which allow more people to take part ! 皆さんこんにちは、これは私が皆さんと一緒にプレイする新しいゲームです。ゲームの目的は、最終的なゴールに到達することです。サイコロを振って盤面を進んでいきます。罠や楽しい武器もあります。このゲームは、より多くの人が参加できるように、よりさくさく進むゲームになります!

I will explain the following color step and what it does when you step on it. 次に色のマスと、それを踏むとどうなるかを説明します。

This is where you will stand and start ! (White Floor)

Everyone will start by standing at this spot and roll the dice ! 全員がこの場所に立ち、サイコロを振ってスタートします!

Roll Again ! (Orange Floor)
もう一回振る (オレンジのマス)

When a players step on the Roll again floor, you will need to roll the dice and move again. このマスにとまったプレイヤーはもう一度サイコロを振って動くことができます。

Forward 3 Step (Green Floor)

When a players step on the Forward floor, you will need to move 3 step forward! プレイヤーが前に進むマスにとまった場合は、3マス前に進みます。

Backward 5 Step (Purple Floor)

When a players step on the Backward floor, you will need to move 5 step backward! プレイヤーが戻るマスにとまった場合は、5マス後ろに戻されます!

Jump Step (Blue Floor)

When a players step on the Jump floor, he will jump to the oppsite side of the ladder. The players can double click on the floor to perform the jump, you will be sent to the location. プレイヤーがジャンプのマスにとまった場合は、もう片方の梯子のジャンプのマスにジャンプします。マスをダブルクリックすることでもう片方の場所にジャンプできます。

Return Step (Red Floor)

This is the most dangerous floor a players can step on. Whenever a players step on Return floor, he will be sent back to the starting point ! The players can perform the return by double click on the floor. you will be sent back to the starting location. これがとまると一番やっかいなマスです。ここにとまったプレイヤーはスタート位置に戻されます!マスをダブルクリックするとスタート位置まで戻ることができます。

Along the walk to the Goal floor, Players can pick up special weapon that can be use on other players. All weapon are One use only and it can be use when you are near another players. You can use the weapon when you are directly on the same spot or beside the player who is ahead or behind you. ゴールのマス目に向かう途中、プレイヤーは他のプレイヤーに使用できる特別な武器を拾うことができます。すべての武器は1回のみ使用可能で、他のプレイヤーと隣接している時に使うことができます。武器は、同じマスもしくは前後にいるプレイヤーに使うことができます。

Club weapon (Stun)

Whenever a person is been hit by a club weapon, he will not be able to roll the dice for two turn! こん棒で殴られたプレイヤーはサイコロを振れなくなり2回休みとなります。

Knife Weapon (PK)

The knife weapon will be able to kill a players, causing the players to lost the game or return to the starting point. 刃物で殺されたプレイヤーはゲームに負け、スタート位置に送られます。

Finish Line Goal ! (Gold Or Fire color Floor)

Every players dream is to reach the Goal Floor Finish Line, When you reach the Goal Finish floor. You win ! すべてのプレーヤーの夢は、ゴールフロアのフィニッシュラインに到達することです。ゴールフィニッシュラインに届いたらあなたの勝ちです!

Additional rules to take note 補足ルール

Depend on how many players is playing the game. The Gamemaster can set rules like if you restart twice at the starting point, you will lost the game and next person can take your spot to try the game! ゲームをプレイしている人数によりますが、ゲームマスターはスタート地点に2回戻されたプレイヤーを失格とし次の人に順番を譲ると言ったようなルールを設定することができます!

Every game can should allow at least three players and a max of 5 players at one time on the boards. どのゲームも最小3人、最大でも5人までのプレイヤーが同時に対戦できます。

The Gamemaster can add in new item in the future expansion like Shield, Speed Boots or Harpoon. The fun is endless ! ゲームマスターは将来の拡張でシールド、スピードブーツ、ハープーンなどの新しいアイテムを追加することができます。楽しみは無限大!

Snake & Ladder

So do check with your EM (Gamemaster) on the rules and time it will be play ! Hope you will enjoy it and have fun ! What are you waiting for ? Time to RUN RUN RUN ! 皆さんのEM(ゲームマスター)にルールとイベントの開催時刻を確認してください!皆さんで楽しみましょう!何を待っているの?走って、走って、走って!

The LUDO World Championship 2023 FINAL !

The Ludo World Championship after Three month of prepare and battle over 13 Shard , Four Team has advance to the Final on 29th Oct Sunday. Who will be the LUDO World Champion 2023 !!!!

8 Japan shard has battle it out and two shard came out Strong (Izumo and Wakoku) While the european battle between the Drachenfels and Europa was intense. Drachenfels took the flag to bring glory to the West ! While the southeast asia battle of Taiwan, Korean and Australia shard. Oceania Surprise by using their knowledge to take the last seat and advance to the Final ! The Japan has been the most impressive as each shard came with team of 4 and large group of people to support their shard ! Will the Izumo and Wakoku bring the glory to the Rising Sun !

The Venue is set this 29th Oct Sunday at Test shard at 7pm TW/ 8pm KOR/ 20:00 JST. Do check with your EM on the local timing for your shard and come withness this Championship on Test Shard ! Bring your popcorns, drinks and enjoy the championship.

Incase you miss some of the highlight of the Ludo Game, we have some picture and video for you to look. Thank to the Japanese players who live stream this on youtube! You can check the following Japanese players :

Mizuho Streamer Kawaii Nill Chan Youtube channel (
The Ludo Highlight she stream

Asuka & Mizuho Streamer Kawaii Falf Chan Youtube channel (
The Ludo Highlight they stream

Yamato Streamer YAMA san & SUN san Youtube Channel (
The Ludo Highlight they stream

Thank to all the japanese players who enjoy the game and also help promote the game. It is a joy when the game or event is been celebrated. As long as everyone is happy I am sure there will be alot of fun in Ultima Online for many many Years !

Last but not least, I hope to see you on that day at the Final! Dun be shy to come say hello and chat with the EM. If you have anything or have some fun game idea …. You can drop me a email at [email protected]

World Ludo Championship 2023

The Ludo World Championship will happen in the next few months with 9 shard taking part in this Championship. The Ludo Game has been in the anniversary event for two years. To continues the build up of the Ludo game or aeroplane game. 2023 will be the first time we have a World Ludo championship in UO. The 9 shard that is taking part are from Euro region of Drachenfels and Europa. Then we have four japan team from Sakura, Izumo, Yamato and Hokuto fighting for Two Seat in the Final. Last but not least will be the Island Region Asia of Formosa, Arirang and Oceania.

Each Shard will conduct their Shard winner Q Final Match
1)Formosa shard Winner(Aug)
2)Arirang shard Winner(Aug)
3)Oceania shard Winner(Aug)
4)Drachenfels shard Winner(Aug)
5)Europa shard Winner(Sept)
6)Sakura shard Winner(Sept) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team
7)Izumo shard Winner(Sept) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team
8)Yamato shard Winner(Sept) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team
9)Hokuto shard Winner(Sept) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team

The Semi Final for the four seat will gather the winner from the four region.
1)Europa Seat Winner (Drachenfels vs Europa Semi Final Sept)
2)Asia Island Seat Winner(Formosa vs Arirang vs Oceania Sept)
3)Japan Region 1 Winner(Sakura vs Izumo Oct) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team
4)Japan Region 2 Winner(Hokuto vs Yamato Oct) to be confirm by Japanese EM Team

The Final Ludo Championship will be on Test Shard in the Final week of the Oct !

Each Team can be base on 2 per team or 4 per team base on interest of the shard.
Each Winner of the Shard should not take part in another shard. (It to prevent a person from multi shard winner)
You can read the rules from the following:
The EM of each Shard can abjust abit to speed up the game. But the Final at the Test Shard will base on the general rules of Ludo.

The Ludo Shard Championship Team will get a trophy display with the name at the shard reward hall ! Let Fight for the Glory and be part of the First Ludo Championship!

You might Email your shard EM to book a seat for your team. First come first serve basic so secure your seat and play now !

Formosa and Arirang EM Email =
Formosa Facebook =

Formosa Event is postpone due to Maintance issues. Will announce the new date.

Formosa Event is postponed due to maintenance issues. Will announce the new date. Sorry about it and hope for your kind understanding. Thank you.フォルモサ イベントは、メンテナンスの問題により延期されます。 新しい日付を発表します。 申し訳ありませんが、ご理解のほどよろしくお願いいたします。 ありがとう。阿福活动由于维护问题而推迟。 将宣布新的日期。 对此深表歉意,希望您能谅解。 谢谢。

UO 25th Celebration Tonight 25th Sep 3am TW/ 0400 JPN/ 4am KOR

Come Celebrate 25th Anniversary at Origin shard with us !
快来和我们一起在 Origin shard 庆祝 25 周年吧!
Origin shard에서 우리와 함께 25주년을 축하해주세요!
Tonight 3am TW/ 0400 JPN/ 4am KOR / 3am EST
今晚 3am TW/ 0400 JPN/ 4am KOR / 3am EST
今夜 3am TW/ 0400 JPN/ 4am KOR / 3am EST
오늘 밤 3am TW/ 0400 JPN/ 4am KOR / 3am EST

I will be at the Aeroplane Chess /Ludo chess , come early as it is limited play !
我会在飞机象棋/Ludo chess,早点来,因为它是有限的游戏!
나는 비행기 체스 / 루도 체스에있을 것입니다, 제한된 플레이이므로 일찍 오세요!

Alchemist’s Abomination Live Event Start Now !

Enjoy the Alchemist’s Abomination Events that is live now for 30 days Enjoy !

Formosa Alchemist’s Abomination Is Live Now !

Balhae Alchemist’s Abomination is Live now !

Arirang Alchemist’s Abomination is Live Now !

Collect The Book Of Lore when you double click the Writing Table and Start collecting the scroll to fill the Book ! Tur Mur Location 171o 17S 10o 32 W

Talk to Yukio to learn more of what happen.

Happy Valentine Day



해피 발렌타인 데이😍

Happy Valentine Day 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨

Get it while you can , It only will last a day or so ❤️💕💗💖💟

The Dark Champion Spawn !

The Dark Champion Spawn has Started in 19th November Thursday 2020 on Formosa and Balhae LIVE !

Enjoy this Event while it Last till December !

Enjoy it will it last !

July 2020

  • Formosa Lucky Contest
    July 27 @ 9:00 pm
    Meet at Britain EM Hall
  • Balhae New Breed
    July 30 @ 9:00 pm
    Britain EM Hall
  • Formosa New Breed
    July 31 @ 9:00 pm
    Britain EM Hall

June 2020

  • Balhae The Dragon Festival
    June 28 @ 9:00 pm
    Meet at Britain EM Hall
  • Formosa Dungeon Run esp 2
    June 29 @ 9:00 pm
    EM Britain Hall
  • Formosa The Dragon Festival
    June 30 @ 9:00 pm
    EM Britain Hall