The LUDO World Championship 2023 FINAL !

The Ludo World Championship after Three month of prepare and battle over 13 Shard , Four Team has advance to the Final on 29th Oct Sunday. Who will be the LUDO World Champion 2023 !!!!

8 Japan shard has battle it out and two shard came out Strong (Izumo and Wakoku) While the european battle between the Drachenfels and Europa was intense. Drachenfels took the flag to bring glory to the West ! While the southeast asia battle of Taiwan, Korean and Australia shard. Oceania Surprise by using their knowledge to take the last seat and advance to the Final ! The Japan has been the most impressive as each shard came with team of 4 and large group of people to support their shard ! Will the Izumo and Wakoku bring the glory to the Rising Sun !

The Venue is set this 29th Oct Sunday at Test shard at 7pm TW/ 8pm KOR/ 20:00 JST. Do check with your EM on the local timing for your shard and come withness this Championship on Test Shard ! Bring your popcorns, drinks and enjoy the championship.

Incase you miss some of the highlight of the Ludo Game, we have some picture and video for you to look. Thank to the Japanese players who live stream this on youtube! You can check the following Japanese players :

Mizuho Streamer Kawaii Nill Chan Youtube channel (
The Ludo Highlight she stream

Asuka & Mizuho Streamer Kawaii Falf Chan Youtube channel (
The Ludo Highlight they stream

Yamato Streamer YAMA san & SUN san Youtube Channel (
The Ludo Highlight they stream

Thank to all the japanese players who enjoy the game and also help promote the game. It is a joy when the game or event is been celebrated. As long as everyone is happy I am sure there will be alot of fun in Ultima Online for many many Years !

Last but not least, I hope to see you on that day at the Final! Dun be shy to come say hello and chat with the EM. If you have anything or have some fun game idea …. You can drop me a email at [email protected]