In accordance with Her Majesty’s Proclamation, applications to the Crown for township recognition will now be accepted.  Please read the following requirements carefully and be certain to provide all requested information when submitting your application.

Requirements for Recognition

  • Activity – Activity may include but is not limited to meetings, events, hunts or other Community gatherings which promote interaction.
  • History – Your Community must have at least a six-month history. Ideally archives are available showing past Community events.
  • Cohesiveness – Structures claimed by your Town must be identifiable as such via the house sign or a similar method such as colors or decorations used.
  • Communication – Visitors to your Town should have a way to learn of upcoming activities and be able to communicate with the inhabitants. In game methods such as bulletin boards, barkeeps, or books are acceptable as are any Town forums or websites.

Banner Design

  • Banners are limited to a size of 6×6 tiles and must not block house placement.
  • Use InsideUO to design your banner and record the ID numbers of the tiles used. You may use static artwork tiles or animations. An example of a banner blueprint can be seen here.
  • We do reserve the right to alter banner designs  to meet requirements.