Greeting everyone. (大家好)

Do you have friends you have not play together for a long time?(你有朋友很长时间没有玩UO嘛?

Relive the memories, the moment and battle. (回想从前玩UO的日子 )

Friend and Foes ! (朋友和敌人)

Ultima Online Endless Journey is here. (Ultima Online无尽的旅程快来了)

You can now play UO without Subscription. (free to play) 你现在可以在不必缴费的情况下玩UO

More information what is Endless Journey can be read here:(更多信息什么是无尽的旅程可以在这里阅读)

Endless Journey

Publish 99 update(related article): UO 更新版本 99

Publish 99

All Uo Account will be Upgraded with Stygian Abyss for Free (所有UO账户将免费升级为Stygian Abyss)

All Accounts Upgraded through Stygian Abyss

Ultima Online New Deluxe Starter Pack !! (UO 新的豪华新玩家起动器包!)

Deluxe Starter Pack

Ultima Online new feature Global Chat ! (UO新功能全球和您朋友聊天)

Global Chat

Ultima Online Wiki (New player can read this up) 新玩家资料库

Ultima Online Wiki

Account that was terminated by CS over a year ago and would like to have it back can email to (如果你的账号一年前被停, 希望可以拿回可以写email. 请看一下网页 )
[email protected] with subject title customer service dispute
can read more through the following link:

Account Guide and information (帐户指南和信息)

Account Login Guide

Account Management Tutorial: UO Account Recovery (帐户管理视频教学)

A special gift for you in Spring ! (春天的礼物)

Spring Has Sprung! A Special Gift For You!

Seasonal & Promotional Items

Best Regards,

EM Takako