Balhae Event 18th November 2012 @ 16:00 hrs KOR/JPN

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
There will be an Event on Balhae shard on the 18th of Nov at 4pm (KOR / JPN) time. It seems EM MunKey has been issued a warning and have been told to leave Balhae. It looks like the work of someone powerful and evil. Someone who does not like Balhae to have fun and be active. Join EM MunKey in finding this Evil.

EM MunKey has sent his 2 best investigators to find out more before the 18th…
(Gates will be provided from Luna Bank to EM Hall)

Posted by EM Munkey
November 15, 2012

Sun Wu Kang requests your assistance 22nd December 2012 22:00 hrs KOR/JPN time zone

News !!!
EM MunKey’s champion warrior Sun Wu Kang requests help in defeating a Spider like monster called Kumo. Be prepared as it is a strong monster. Wu Kang needs the spider silk from Kumo to make a rope to enter an entrance hole leading to Daebyeol base. All brave enough please gather on the 22nd of December 2012 at 10pm KOR/JPN time.
(Gate will be provided from Luna bank to meeting area)
(Please do NOT bring any valuables that you cannot afford to lose.)

Posted by EM Munkey
December 17, 2012